nurse3Having worked as an ultrasound specialist, I want to explain what it is and point out some advantages of doing it. Well, to make it simple, ultrasound is the term which refers to frequencies above the audible range of human beings i.e. above 20 KHz. Ultrasound devices operate in the range from 20 KHz to several GHz.

As a specialist in ultra sound, I know that there are many applications of ultrasound. Few of them are listed below.

  • To detect and measure distance of the object.
  • To perform sonography to derive image of fetus in mother’s womb.
  • To detect invisible flaws in the metal object i.e. used for non-destructive testing.
  • To clean, mix and accelerate chemical processes.
  • To detect motion of person approaching door using mounted ultrasonic sensor.
  • To measure velocity of flowing liquid with the help of ultrasonic flow-meter.

What is an ultrasound test?

An test such as the one I do on daily basis is a diagnostic medical imaging technique, which is performed to view a patient’s internal organs and to assess his or her blood flow through various vessels. At is also very useful when performed on a pregnant lady so an obstetrician can check on the developing baby. It does this with the help of high-frequency sound waves which have no adverse effect on the body.

Ultrasound pictures work on exactly the same basis as the sonar that bats and submarines use to navigate. Since a controlled sound will bounce against any object, its echo can be used to perceive the distance the respective object is at, its shape, size and even its density. When the US scanner’s transducer is pressed against the skin, it starts directing a stream of muted and high frequency sound waves into the body. The sound waves echo from the body’s fluids, tissues and organs and are picked up by the transducer which record the tiny changes in the sound’s pitch and direction. These echoes are then instantly measured and displayed by the computer, which will also generate a real-time picture on the display screen for the technician and doctors to view.

We offer high quality medial imaging via ultrasound for pregnant women at Savannah Healthcare Services. Using our state of the art ultra-sound scanners,  we guarantee the best medical diagnosis and treatment.

I will list five advantages of using ultra sound, and why you should consider doing one with us if you are pregnant.

  • Non invasive
  • Best in examining soft tissue
  • Fast and inexpensive
  • Portable

If you ever visit Savannah Healthcare Services, please be sure to ask me more about this procedure.

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